According to your needs we develop different versions of tiltmeters for you. All tiltmeters are characterised by their high resolution better than 1 nrad or 0.2 mseca – and their low power consumption.

2-K High Resolution Tiltmeter (HRTM)

2-Channel HRTM

Key data
84 x 62 x 123 mm
Resolution    ‹ 1nrad
Integrated 24 bit ADC with data logger
RS232 or RS485 interface
Integrated sensors for temperature / pressure / humidity

1-K Miniature Tiltmeter

1-Channel Miniature Tilmeter

Key Data
51 x 45 x 64 mm
Resolution: appr. 1 nrad

Borehole Tiltmeter

Borehole tiltmeter

Key data
2-Channel tiltmeter module
Diameter40 mm
Stainless steel borehole probe
Outside Diameter50 mm
Lengthappr. 600 mm
Resolutionappr. 1 nrad
Integrated high resolution temperature sensor

2-Component Platform Tiltmeter

Platform Tiltmeter

Key data
L x W150 x 150 mm
Heightappr. 120 mm
Weightappr. 1.5 kg
Power appr. 40 mW
Resolutionappr. 1 nrad
Integrated high resolution temperature sensor

Test of resolution

Signal source: A person in the first floor of a building moves back and forth in a room. The sensor was installed in the cellar below.

Result: A 70 nrad input signal is clearly resolved with high signal-to-noise ratio.

Resolution of tiltmeter

Bildunterschrift:Resolution of tiltmeter

High Resolution 1-K Platform Tiltmeter

Platform Tiltmeter

Key data
Resolution better than 0.5 nrad
Power < 30 mW
Height < 150 mm

The tiltmeter was used at the Geodetic Base Station Wettzell in SE Germany. In April 2000 a large ring laser has been installed there to observe the rotation of the earth at high resolution. It was necessary to monitor the tilt of the base of the system with extremely high accuracy (in the subnanorad range).

Commercially available borehole tiltmeters have sufficient resolution (of about 1 nrad) – however, due to the large size of those instruments with a length of the order of 1 m such borehole tiltmeters could not be used. Another constraint was a very low power consumption of the tilt sensors, because any temperature change could interfere with the ring laser measurements.

For this purpose a tiltmeter was developed in accordance to the key data probably the tiltmeter with the highest resolution throughout the world at the moment.

Current data you will find here: www.wettzell.ifag.de

Comparative measurements with Askania Borehole Tiltmeter

Tiltmeter measurement

Bildunterschrift: Tiltmeter measurement in BFO Schiltach

Tides of the solid earth, first results at BFO: Traces 1 and 3 (from above): LGM Tiltmeter; traces 2 and 4: Askania Borehole Tiltmeter

Cooperation partners

  • Institute of Geodesy / Leibniz Universität Hannover – Schwerefeldforschung (more...)
  • Geodätisches Observatorium Wettzell – Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (more...)


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