Developed by us

  • Extremely low noise preamplifier – noise below 6 nV DC – 100 Hz@1k internal resistance
  • 1 Hz borehole seismometer / accelerometer module
  • Patented low noise seismometer preamplifier and cable drivers (also available with internal power supply - runs 5 years on internal battery)
  • Due to a patented low noise damping circuit with noise levels of a factor 2 to 5 below conventional amplifiers the 1 Hz seismometers have a broadband sensitivity, it exceeds the sensitivity of conventionally damped seismometers connected to a noiseless amplifier

At frequencies above 1 Hz noise levels are more than one order of magnitude below the STS-1 or STS-2 seismometers. (System resolution: appr. 4*10 E-11 m / sec / Hz1/2).

Active seismometers are produced in license since 15 years by lennartz electronic. Contact:

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